Ali del Falco

Welcome to the Damanhur Guesthouse and Retreat Center! 

Nestled within the picturesque Piedmontese village of Cuceglio, "Le Ali del Falco“ is a healing and inspiring environment perfect for your retreat. 

We offer 12 refined and tastefully decorated rooms, space for yoga and a rich organic breakfast. 

Here you will find a vibrant atmosphere that invites you to stay and relax as well as study and meditate. 

Enjoy the magical energy of this special place!




Le Ali del Falco

The Place

"Le Ali del Falco“ is a modern structure built according to the most advanced principles in sustainability and eco-building. It is only a short drive from the famous „Temples of Humankind“ of Damanhur.

Our jewel of bioarchitecture is set amidst fruit trees, a spiral you can walk for meditation purposes, a shady wine pergola, a fireplace and much more waiting for your discovery! Our extensive garden is a space of contemplation and creativity, offering our guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature.

We care for our environment and attach great importance to a conscious use of our resources - enjoy our organic food and have a rejuvenating sleep in our handmade wooden beds with natural bedding and sheets.

We’re looking forward to share this amazing atmosphere with you as our guest!